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Summer favourite: How to style culottes

Summer favourite: How to style culottes

Hello World!

How are you doing? I have had a wonderful week so far, but eagerly waiting for the weekend to relax!

My OOTD, is based on my obsession this season, CULOTTES. They are so much in vogue since this fall that most of the designers featured them in their runway collection. I bought one a few months ago, and it took me a while to find a perfect pairing!

What are Culottes actually? These are garments that look like skirts (remember divided skirts??), but are in fact, cropped pants. They were worn in ancient Europe by men and in the Victorian Era by women to provide them extra comfort and freedom for activities like horse-riding and biking, which were otherwise tough wearing skirts.  Back in trend, they look cool with cropped tops, shirts, printed tops or even with dresses. I topped my black, wide-legged culottes with a white buttoned down shirt with black detailing . Wearing culottes is a task…Yes it really is! Because they are cropped at an odd length on the legs that they make us look shorter. Being wide-legged, it might not suit all of us! Another observation, Culottes and Heels complement each other well. I wore my black and white Burberry heels with the outfit.

Coming to the accessories, I carried a black Prada bag, off-white hand cuff, tiny heart earrings, and jet black nail paint. Yes, even your manicure can add as an accessory if you strike a perfect balance with your outfit! Layering on rings or metallic bracelets helps take the edge off the black nails.


culottes 1

culottes 2

culottes 3

culottes 4

culottes 5

culottes 6

Instead of buying one you can surely try the DIY technique by cropping a few inches off your old pair of black trousers!

Thank you so much for stopping by and reading my blog <3

I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments about the cropped trend, different trousers trending this season or anything about fashion! Is black nail paint in the summer Yes or No for you?


::Outfit details::

Shirt: Fashion Affair, Also see this and this.

Culottes: Koovs, See here.  Also liked this, this and this.

Footwear: Burberry

Accessories: Bag: Prada; Ring: Bangkok; Watch: Longines; Hand Cuff: Bangkok; Earing: Bangkok; Nail Paint: Black