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Sneakers for every outfit

Sneakers are the newest footwear rage in town and I totally understand why. They are super comfortable, and hence align with the first rule of fashion: comfort is highest priority. Different types of sneakers can be seen on the block like high tops, low tops, slip ons, athletic ones and so many more. Their versatility makes them a must have item in your footwear collection. A popular misconception about them is that they can only be worn with a sporty outfit. This is completely false, sneakers go well with EVERY outfit, you just need the right ones! Read on to know more 😀

I. The smart look: This outfit is so sleek and chic. Leather bag, glossy pants, denim jacket, wayfarers. The blue and white sneakers complement the edginess of this look perfectly!


II. The laid back look: A denim shirt with floral pants is the perfect summer-y, everyday look. Add to that the red sling, and it emits the perfect casual vibe. It’s also high on comfort which is why any type of heels would not go with it’s essence. Sneakers to the rescue! The white sneakers add that colour neutrality to the outfit and make it perfect.

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III. The feminine charm: Damn, I can’t take my eyes off that aqua blue skirt. And the matching shades. The colour is so electric, that white shirt tones it down beautifully. But the white shirt isn’t the only versatile thing in the outfit, LOOK AT THOSE GORGEOUS BLUE SNEAKERS! The cool part about sneakers is that unlike heels, they look good in all colours and hence are reliable. This is my favourite look from all of the 7. Coloured sneakers are a BIG yay! 

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IV. The not-so-dressy dressy look: A printed maxi with a slit, such a sexy outfit that is. Conventionally, such outfits wouldn’t be paired with anything other block/gladiator heels. But fashion evolves, and our beloved sneakers go with this outfit seamlessly! The print is balanced by the sporty vibe of the white sneakers, anddd I’m loving it! 

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V. The boyish charm: Playsuits, or dungarees as they’re commonly called, are a staple in every college going girl’s wardrobe. They’re playful and what better to increase the fun quotient of this outfit with than printed sneakers! Another quality about sneakers is that they come in prints too and look just as amazing, something which isn’t the case for bellies and heels. I love how the leopard print sneakers go with the entire look.

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VI. The flaunt-your-figure dress look: Hands down, this dress is just so charming because of it’s geometric print. Geometric prints are very stable, and these black slip on sneakers are the right foot wear they need.

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VII. The formal loo : Nothing embodies formal better than a well fitted pencil skirt and classic white shirt. This classic combination is well aided by these white high top sneakers. Replacing foot crushing heels, white sneakers are a wardrobe staple and match this look so nicely.

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Those looks were enough to establish the multi faceted usefulness of the sneakers. Do comment which look is your favourite.

Lots of love,

Saloni ?

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