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Little black dress with white details: Mumbai diaries

Little black dress 

Hello everyone!

Hope you had an amazing weekend with your loved ones on Rakhi! I ditched my brother ( I know I am mean 🙁 ) on Rakhi and instead tagged along with my husband to Mumbai on his official trip. I love impromptu trips and I am having an amazing time so far. We have a few relatives here and we are being soooo pampered. We went to see Gateway of India, marine drive, hopped on to local train (it was first time and I got a seat :D). We visited the famous joints here such as Leopold Café, K. Rustom’s Icecream, and Bademian for mouthwatering delicacies. I am pretty sure that at the rate I am eating here, I will gain at least 2-3 kilos on this trip 😛 For instant updates, don’t forget to follow me on instagram here.

Though I love Delhi, the feel of Mumbai air is making me have second thoughts! Sight of sea whenever you turn on some corners, the fast pace of life, carefree casual attitude of people is enticing. I have two more days here, so let me know if there are any must see points.

As for the outfit, I packed at the last moment and hence for the first time in life, packed light. I had kept one formal dress which I wore for dinner last night. It’s a classic little black dress with white frill-type details. I love this detailing which makes this dress different from the usual ones and gives it a classy appeal. Instead of black shoes, I went with white (had forgotten to put in matching bag and shoes :P) which went well and completed the look with my trusty everyday leopard print bag. With my everyday jewelry and watch on, I was good to go.

Here’s a look at my Little Black Dress aka LBD 😉







What’s your favourite kind of LBD? What did you wear for Rakhi? Don’t forget to let us know in the comments below or tag us #fashionmuses on Facebook or instagram.

Photography credits: Akshay Chawla

::Outfit details::

Dress: Local store in Turkey
Bag: Betsy Johnson (available at Steve Madden stores)
Shoes: Venus Steps
Accessories: Watch, Rado; Diamond Jewelry, leading jeweler in Delhi