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How to wear moccasins!

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How to wear moccasins!

Hello everyone. The weather’s rainy and so is the fashion/beauty scenario : it’s raining trends! While a lot of retro things are making a come back such as the choker, some new age fads have also found their ground, such as clown contouring makeup style. This article discusses another trend that has invaded all markets and should be barging into your closet too! Moccasins ūüôā¬†Moccasins are the latest shoes that we have a crush on. They¬†are the perfect antidote for when the weather is warm for boots,¬†yet too cold for flats. They come in a variety of styles ‚Äď some with fringe, some with laces ‚Äď the list goes on.

Loafers vs Moccasins

It is important to know the difference between loafers and moccasins and hence keep your fashion dictionary up to date. ūüėõ Moccasins are strictly made of leather (the leather may be faux, deer skin, etc) whereas loafers can be made of polyester or any such material. They¬†necessarily have some laces on top whereas loafers are more casual, without laces. Here’s a picture to understand the difference :

Diff between loafrr moccasin

(Left – Moccasins, Right – Loafers )

Source : www.gcastd.org, www.bagshoes.net


Where to buy

Now that the difference between the two is clear, let’s see where you can¬†buy them!

I. These beautiful beige ones from Ajio are the perfect nude coloured shoes for each outfit.

Ajio moccasins

II. These amazon navy blue moccasins are the perfect addition to a casual denim ensemble.

Amazon moccasin 1

III. Brown coloured shoes with tassels emit the perfect bohemian vibe, perfect for summers.

Tassel moccasin

Outfit ideas

Here are some outfit ideas:

i. With jeans: They go well¬†only with slim fit jeans. These shoes are open, and aren’t too tight on your foot hence don’t wear them with baggy pants.

Moccasins jeans

Source : www.pinterest.com

ii. With shorts/skirts/dresses: Any lower with a raised hemline looks super stylish with these shoes. 

Moccasins with shorts skirt

Sources : www.gliks.com, www.moccasindirect.com

Lastly, here are some tips to take care:

i.Always keep your look casual, these are casual shoes and look best with shorts, skirts and jeans.

ii. Do wipe your shoes with a wet cloth to keep them clean. Since they are made of leather related materials, they need to be wiped clean every now and then.

iii. Avoid them in the rainy season as water ruins leather.

Do buy moccasins and share pictures of you rocking them!