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How to dress up for the airport

How to dress up for the airport


Hello everyone!

How was your weekend? I just came back fully refreshed and rejuvenated from a five day long vacation in Coorg, Karnataka. It is rain forest area and we arrived there right in the middle of monsoon! Needless to say, that it was raining all day and night. My plans and packing to wear maxis and dresses went down with the rain 😛 All we wore during the entire trip was PJ’s and t-shirts. But even so, weather was amazing with fog and fresh greenery surrounding us. It was like living amongst the clouds.

How to dress up for the airport

To avoid make this post verrry long, I decided to share it all with you in two parts. For part I, the focus is entirely on how to dress up for the airport and some packing tips for monsoon season, all thanks to my own mistakes 😛 (you thought I would know this beforehand huh?)

For the flights, layering is the key for me. It’s comfy, gives you flexibility across temperatures and looks chic. For my outfit, I layered black sleeveless top with black long shrug. I choose dark colors for journey as they don’t appear dirty for long. I wore rigged jeans to make the look trendy. With my trusty backpack and flat loafers (I can’t bear to wear heels for longer than 2 hours), I was ready for my voyage 🙂








Monsoon vacation packing tips

Do’s and don’ts for a monsoon vacation:

  1. Pack lot of PJ’s, shorts (if you can bear the cool temperature) and capris. It would be better if your lowers are either short or skinny fit. Forget long skirts and maxis if you don’t like your clothes to get wet!
  2. For footwear, rely on good old rubber chappals. These will be your best friend coz everything will be wet within 10-15 mins and you will be stuck with soaked footwear. You can also carry your fit flops and rain boots.
  3. Carry a good raincoat if you wish to do some treks or hikes. It’s difficult to take long walks carrying umbrellas all the time (I can vouch for this one with personal experience :P)
  4. If you like make-up then make sure that all of it is water proof because otherwise it would have just the opposite result than you intended 😉
  5. Carry low-maintenance bags, the one’s you won’t mind if it gets ruined! You never know when it starts poring suddenly and there are chances of your bag getting wet too.
  6. Go for a good resort that has lot of in-house activities to keep you occupied. With clogged roads, it may be difficult to move around much and you may want to relax in the resort only.
  7. Lastly, just enjoy yourself and let the rain sooth your nerves. Whats better than to reading a book, watching rain through window with a cup of filter coffee in hand 🙂 (except getting drenched and catching a cold..lol)

Stay tuned for a foggy experience in the next series (Dancing in the rains: Coorg Part II) 🙂


Do you love rains? Let us know in the comments below!

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Thank a lot for reading!


Photography credits: Akshay Chawla

::Outfit details::

Top: Bebe
Shrug: Bangkok
Bag: Bangkok
Shoes: (Emerald) Blue Parrot
Jeans: ONLY
Sunglasses: AND