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Go Smart. Go RENT IT BAE!

Go Smart. Go RENT IT BAE!

If a list of ‘Daily struggles of a girl’ were to be compiled, the first and most persisting problem would be “no clothes to wear!” And really, all girls know the constant battle in our heads of choosing head-to-toe attire, accessories to wear, only to feel disappointed at the lack of a particular matching handbag. So what should we do? Here’s where a smart solution comes into play: Instead of buying, RENT them! RENT IT BAE is the destination if you’re looking for an easy and convenient means of assembling your next look.


Their vast western wear collection, accessories, gorgeous bags and sunglasses will have you drooling! What’s better? The convenience 😉



Consider this. You bought the latest kimono from Forever 21. You wear it for some time, and alas! It goes out of fashion and the once ‘stylish’ kimono is now being labelled as outdated! Aah, the horror. That’s how fashion is, changes as quickly as a girl changes her moods. But really, with the ever evolving face of fashion, it seems foolish to invest money in buying clothes. The smarter and practical solution is to rent clothes, use it till they’re the rage, and then return!


The most practical aspect of renting is the affordability. Most girls, especially students, wouldn’t be at a liberty of buying high end brands such as Dior, Marc Jacobs and Chloe. Here’s where RENT IT BAE comes to the rescue. You can now flaunt all those luxurious brands’ that too without burning a hole in your pocket.

These days, most girls don’t like to repeat, even if it’s a bag :). And now with the constant fashion consciousness all of us have, who’d like to have the same bag in more than one FB picture…right? Here’s where renting is a smart option: Rent, Wear, Flaunt, and Return. As simple as that!

Perhaps the most underrated reason in favour of renting would is convenience! I mean, my friend just informed me of her marriage anniversary’s bash to be held just day after tomorrow. And I have no time to shop all thanks to my job schedule. Renting is the easy solution. Your choice of outfit, matching accessory and bag shall be delivered to your doorstep in shortest possible time with a click 


So what are you waiting for girl? Go smart, go RENT IT BAE!

Go check the website now: www.rentitbae.com