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Gateway to creative dreams | The WLCI Creative School, premier Fashion Design college in India

Gateway to creative dreams | The WLCI Creative School, premier Fashion Design college in India

Hello everyone!

Today’s post is a very special post which is very close to my heart; studying in creative fields. Even though, we all are privy to the unprecedented growth of creative fields such fashion, animation, design and media in the past two decades, opting for careers in these fields still raise some eyebrows.

With increasing opportunities and great schools, it is getting easier for the younger generation to make their own choice and follow their passion and still have a successful career. One such institute that that is bridging the gap between education and employment faced by students is the WLCI Creative School, a leading Fashion Design college in India. WLCI was the first institution in India to offer high quality UK qualifications in the country in the year 1996. Over the years, the institute associated with several international universities, institutions and awarding bodies to provide global exposure to its students. Besides designing, WLCI also offers production -oriented courses such as Creative Media Production, Production and Media TV Channel, Garment Production etc.

The entrance test conducted by WLCI, All India Combined Entrance Test (AICET) gives access to students to the WLCI Creative School, and several other Indian and international universities. It offers courses such as Fashion Technology, Advertising & Graphic Design, media and mass communication at undergraduate and graduate level. The entrance test gives a chance to students who did not opt for Mathematics in 11th and 12th standard which may not be true for other entrance tests. AICET 2016 will be held on May 8, 2016, and the last date of online registration and submission of applications is April 25, 2016. It is an excellent opportunity for students who want to become fashion designers, or enter the media industry. To know the complete list of courses that can be applied for through AICET can be checked here. The variety of courses offered ensures that the students can choose a stream which they are passionate about and become an expert in that niche. The importance of on-the-job training cannot be undermined.

WLCI campuses are located at 11 locations; Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Greater Noida, Hyderabad, Kathmandu, Mumbai, Patna, Pune, Surat, and Kolkata. To know the seats availability at each of these location, check the e-brochure available here. All the details such as how to apply, application process, application form and documents required can be easily accessed at this website only.

Hope you find this information useful. Do not forget to fill in your registration before the last date, May 8, 2016. All the best 🙂



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  • I did not know about this exam for fashion designing. That is amazing!!

    • Fashionmuses

      Yes…there are many good options these days for creative fields 🙂