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Best looks at Cannes 2016!

Best looks at Cannes 2016

It’s that time of the year when the designers have their hands full, and the celebrities have their days stocked with outfit trials. One of the biggest film festivals Cannes 2016 is back and with such zest! Actors and actresses around the world put their best foot forward at this event, which is seen at par to a large scale fashion show thanks to the style trends exhibited every year! This year was no exception. Contrary to popular knowledge, there was more to the event than Aishwarya Rai’s purple lip ;). Here’s presenting my 8 favourite looks from Cannes 2016 :

I. Irina Shayk : This woman, is my female crush for reasons that go beyond her stunning facial features. ? This year, she looked so sexy in that edgy black ensemble. Laced with sequins of all colours, this ultra chic noodle strapped gown is glamorous. I love how all her hair are swept up, away from her face to highlight those killer cheekbones!


II. Malaika Sherawat : While we may not be fans of her acting prowess, her dressing game this year was a different level altogether. Just look at that gown. Done with embellishments all over, it’s so sleek. I love the colour combination of purple, blue and gold. She stuns with that diamond necklace that adds to the bling of the entire look.



III. Victoria Beckham : She’s considered a style diva, and rightly so. Gosh, this jumpsuit is so modern, and oozes this air of confidence. The monochrome combination is a classic, and I love how her accessories are a bare minimum. She shows us how jumpsuits can also be dressed up as per occasion!



IV. Anna Kendrick : This outfit embodies the conventional classics that can never go wrong. Solid colour (I love the shade of yellow) , plain all over, plunging neckline and a flowing end : there’s no way this one could not be admirable. Her side swept wavy hairstyle is uber elegant and is the perfect one for a formal occasion.



V. Susan Sarandon : Is it just me, or there’s something incredibly sexy about a woman in a tuxedo? Susan’s outfit breaks conventions, and instead of the regular gowns, her super crisp attire is such a welcome change on the red carpet. It has an air of confidence, and I love the way she teams it with black pumps and wayfarers. Way to go, Susan!


VI. Blake Lively : Damn, that outfit is such a Cinderella-ish one, and can make any girl feel like a princess. The soothing blue shade is laced with small jewels to give it the edge. But what caught my fancy, were the RUFFLES! Those ruffles are so pretty and feminine, and add the perfect glam for such an event.



VII. Rebecca Hall : This outfit goes with the vibe of spring, and is girly in the right amount. I love the blue-brown-white combination, and that abstract print (poppy flowers, maybe?) is so eye appeasing. The dress, corset-y at the torso and flowing downwards, is uber feminine. The way she’s left her neck bare to showoff those collar bones deserves a big thumbs up.


VIII. Richa Chadda : This is my favourite look of them all, solely because i. Saree ii. Sabyasachi saree? . I don’t have words to describe how alluring that saree is. With a prominent golden border, the pink and green Combination is so summery, and balances the shimmer of the golden blouse. That maroon bindi is the cherry on the cake, as it’s the ultimate Indian touch. Brownie points to her for that statement clutch! You go girl, it’s time the world knows how gorgeous our fashion is!


Here were my favourite looks from Cannes 2016. Do let me know which ones you loved and which ones you’d like to add to the list!

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Lots of love,

Saloni ?


Source of Richa Chadda’s image : @splurgerina on Instagram.

Source of all other images  gettyimages