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A trip to Koh Samui! Travel Tips!

Hi everyone!

How are you? How did you spend the extended weekend? I was told that most of the people in Delhi were travelling. I went for a short trip to Koh Samui in Thailand. Its a beatiful place meant for relaxation. I have compiled a few non-filtered pictures here, but stay tuned for more on Koh Samui and my outfit posts. Based on my (and of my friends’) travel experiences I have compiled a list of important tips to watch when travelling. Do keep such a checklist hand to avoid confusion and time wastage at various occasions. Check them out!

Travelling any time soon? Must-be! But remember some basic travel tips (especially if travelling abroad) for a stress-free holiday.

  1. Keep all the essential documents in place. Keep a scanned copy in your mailbox, and a hard copy in your suitcase to avoid any problems. These include your passports, air tickets, visa, itinerary, and driving license. Also keep a copy of these with family or friends who you may get back to if required. Thailand gives on-arrival visa to travelers. So keep all your documents handy, to fasten the process.
  2. Familiarize yourself about the weather conditions, rules and customs about the place you are travelling to. This will help you while packing as well. Koh Samui is a beach area, so its hot in the day time and pleasant in the night. Keep your swimming costumes, sunglasses, shorts, dresses, hats, sunscreen, and flip flops. Also carry some beach bags that are waterproof, and which can take in a costume, towel and other essentials,
  3. Carry some food with you especially if you have special dietary requirements, travelling with kids or in case you are a pure veggie! Ready-to-Eat meals are a good solution. They are allowed in almost all places, and are convenient to use. I personally prefer carrying some Haldiram’s RTEs as they taste well. We stayed in 1 two-bedroom villa where we had a small kitchen with all modern amenities. So we could do a little cooking like maggi and all…
  4. Don’t forget your medical kits. Pick a travel medicine list from your family doctor. Most of the doctors have a ready list especially during holiday season. Some basic medicines (like those for cold, cough, fever, antibiotics etc) must be carried as you might have a tough time getting those in case of requirement in a few countries.
  5. Split the money and keep it in different bags to diversify the risk. Also leave some at the hotel in the packed luggage when on excursions.
  6. Travel with an open mind. Talk and get along with people you meet during your travel. We really learn a lot through this! Always smile and greet people you have eye-contact with. Talk to your coach or cab drivers while on the way, for both knowledge and safety reasons. Like in Thailand the people say ” Sawasdee Krab ” for males, and ” Sawasdee Ka ” for females to greet. This can be used for “Hi”, “Good morning”, “Good afternoon”, “Good evening”, for all occasions . This phrase is the all mighty greeting phrase.
  7. Less Luggage means more Fun. You can shop easily with no worries of carrying or customs if you carry less from home. On a trip of 20 days to the States, my hubby and I shared a single suitcase, contrary to 3 big ones while on our honeymoon. Believe you me, it was soo damn hassle-free this time! While waiting for my luggage at the carousel, I overheard most people saying that they took a single suitcase, and came back with at least two. Thus, the less you carry, easier it will be to shop (especially at places like Bangkok) and bring back with no fear of customs.
  8. At times be lazy, but most of the times be an early-riser. You will avoid rush at excursions, get best photos to click in the best lights and will not miss any attraction due to late arrival. Don”t miss the party fun at the Chaweng beach!
  9. Keep reading travel related reviews at websites like tripadvisor.com, makemytrip.com etc. Having a first-hand information will ensure you do not waste time, and get the best out of it.
  10. Most importantly Have Fun! Click a lot of selfies, chill and keep you cell phone at bay at some times. Remember you are out to relax…and you will get all updates of hometown once you are back!

It’ll be nice if we get more suggestions from you and we increase the number of tips. Thus do let us  know in the comments section below!

I have compiled some pictures from my trip, check them out! And keep watching this space for my outfit and travel posts from this lovely island!

1-koh samui

Samui Hat

samui beach
kohh samui

A birds eye view if the island from a hotel!

samui island

Girls having some fun in water!

water surfing

Lazying on the beach!

@the beach

Do visit the W Retreat Resort during the sunset time for this spectacular view!

W retreat

And last but definitely not the least!



Hope you have lovely travel plans soon!

Thanx for Reading!



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  • Koh Samui looks like an excellent choice for long weekend offs..tired of the same outings around Delhi (hardly any 😛 )
    Great pics girl.

    • admin

      Thanks a lot Jiggyasa ????