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8 Stunning Jhumkis For Every Indian Attire!

8 Stunning Jhumkis For Every Indian Attire!

Hello Everyone!

Jhumki earrings (or Jhumkis) are a timeless jewellery ornament which is always in fashion. Jhumkis have been around since the time immemorial. Every Indian women’s jewellery collection is incomplete without jhumkis. Each ethnic culture has their own distinctive design of jhumkis which has its own significance.

I have an always been an admirer of how accessories transforms an outfit and Jhumkis are no exception. They often have elaborate designs and instantly brings grace and charm to an Indian outfit. But beware girls, love for them can easily become addiction, there’s always room for one more pair! Keeping that in mind, we’ve put together an alluring checklist of jhumkis. Let’s get started with our list:

1. Ear-Cuffs style

It is popularly known as edge cutting. Save this gorgeous pair for when you feel like giving your traditional earrings a contemporary twist. Duh! Wide variety of designs are available in ear-cuffs jhumkis but flowers shaped or peacock inspired are a huge yes for anytime.


Source: www.amazon.com

2. Hoops

Who can ever say NO to the hoop jhumkis? They add a different dimension to your traditional jewellery trove and would make any ensemble look even more fabulous, and you – drop dead gorgeous; surely gonna break few hearts! It looks really beautiful with suits & sarees.


Source: www.amazon.com

3. Diamond Jhumkis

Diamond jhumkis is for the modern women who don’t like the classic gold tone jhumki earrings. These are extremely eye catchy and fancy. It adds a luxe touch to the attire. They look extremely ravishing with the designer costumes.


Source: www.AmazonIndia.com

4. Pearl Jhumkis

This is another good option if diamonds are a bit much for you! Pearl jhumkis look best with ethnic attires. It is classy and bring more oomph factor to your style quotient. Pearl cut earrings are feminine yet elegant at the same time.


Source: www.AmazonIndia.com

5. Terracotta

Terracotta jhumkis are earthen baked clay handmade earrings. Patterns of terracotta jhumkis are inspired by nature, animals, plants, leaves, flowers, tribal Gods or more fashionable look can be given by using varied designs. Terracotta jhumki earrings are crafted from natural earthen clay so they are skin-friendly.


Sources: www.Snapdeal.com

6. Silver Oxidized

Silver Oxide Jhumkis are an eternal favourite ageless design earrings that are in vogue since centuries for a mesmerizing look that can go with any occasion. They not only look adorable but completes the look in more ways than one.


Sources: www.Amazon.in.com

Also see oxidised earrings here: Kurti and Palazzo

7. Kundan

Kundan jhumkis are originally from (Jaipur) Rajasthan but are now in trend all over the India. They are statement earrings and have been a favorite amongst Bollywood actresses.


Source: www.etsy.com

8. Traditional Golden Jhumkis

Traditional antique jhumkis are gold plated conical designed earrings which are worn with the ethnic apparel. The intricate carvings all over the duo look so drop dread gorgeous. We would buy this pair without thinking twice! The richness of these earrings is due to the adornment of semi-delicate stones like ruby, emerald, coral, sapphire, opal, pearls and many other stones which gives a distinct look to them.


Source: www.tanishq.co.in

When paired with the appropriate outfit, these make a stunning style statement. Do tell me which jhumki was your favourite in the comments below!