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Winter Skin Care Guide

Winter Skin Care Guide

Hola guys!! Commencement of winters is premonition that the season of flakes is coming. Not just the snow flakes but flaky skin, flaky scalp, everything is gonna be flaky and dry. Winters may get along with pretty boots, jumpers and jackets but they also bring truck loads of dryness. It is extremely important to treat your skin well during winters and get your skin to glow and blush. You can enhance your beauty using makeup, but until and unless you have a healthy skin, your makeup is not gonna sit right and give you that flawless look.

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We all know the CTM process but the products you use and the other additions to it also play their part. Scrubbing, toning, moisturizing, using hydrating masks are very important. And above all, drink a lot of water because your skin is what you eat. Do not take your diet for granted and along with the internal goodness give your skin some extra pampering for the youthful and supple glow.

Facial Cleansing

During this time of the year using facial cleansing milk and cleansing balms is a great way to remove all the makeup and dirt without stripping the skin of its moisture. You can also go for cleansing oils that have taken the skin care market by storm.

Source: Shu Uemera

Facial Exfoliation

I personally do scrub every alternate night before applying my night time mask. Gentle facial exfoliation on regular basis is really good for this time of the year. Regular removal of dead skin lets your skin absorb your moisturizer well and also allows your makeup to sit well. You can either opt for some available in the market or make some amazing face scrubs at home. At night your skin repairs itself therefore it is always better to have a good night time skin care regime.

Facial creams

Just like your body, your skin also demands hydration. Using rich moisturizers filled with minerals help revitalize your skin and provide radiance. In the day using heavy moisturizers can be difficult especially if you are wearing makeup through out the day. But at night using heavy facial creams speed up the repairing process of your skin. A moisturizer that I swear by is The Kiss Beauty night mask. It has done wonders to my skin and I would definitely recommend checking it out. It is specially meant for the night time and gives visible results.

Facial hydrating masks

Applying hydrating winter face pack can fuse important nutrients and moisture inside your skin to give a radiant and supple glow. Homemade fruit masks can work great. Mashing bananas or papayas and massaging them on your skin can directly infuse their goodness. Market is full of gel masks and hydration masks that works wonders to your skin.

General Tips

  1. For  getting your natural glow game on fleek, using facial serums is a great option. Either on their own or mixed with foundation, they give a radiant and healthy look to your skin and also provide many skin benefits.
  2. Nobody likes the look and feel of chapped lips. Never ever forget to wear your lip balm and provide moisture to your lips else the results can be quite off putting.
  3. Eyes are one of the most sensitive areas and using products especially meant for the eyes are important. Other creams and masks can be quite harsh on the delicate area. Therefore try to use specified eye creams, gels and masks to give your eyes a youthful effect and slow down your aging process.

So, these were the most important things about winter skin care routine that everyone should be aware about and hopefully you guys also find them helpful. To know more about skincare, find over 230 skin care tips and many more beauty tips at www.rewardme.in.