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Top ten make-up products that you must have

Hello girls,
I am back with another beauty post. Festive season is about to begin and it’s that time of the year again when we girls love to take out our Indian wear for an outing 😛 It is also the time where we need to look formal, hence put on some make-up to complete the look. Its also wedding season, so I though a list of Top ten makeup must-haves would also help our brides-to-be friends 🙂

Honestly, I was introduced to the make-up world when I shopped for my wedding make-up kit 😀 Before that, make-up for me meant kajal stick and lip gloss! Suddenly, I was drawn into this beautiful world of Bobby Brown, Chanel and MAC. Although I had hoarded up a lot of stuff at that time and spent a lot of money, I hardly used any of that! It was only when I started blogging I got serious about make-up. I started learning about what works and what does not for my skin type and tone. I thought of sharing a little bit of my experience with you guys so that you don’t make the same mistakes. So here’s my top ten makeup picks

Buildable-coverage foundation
One thing that I have learned is that one should definitely invest in good make-up base. If you can’t get the canvas right, other things are practically a waste. So first and foremost, buy a good quality foundation that has buildable coverage. What’s buildable coverage foundation? Those foundations that are sheer in first application but you can add additional layers if you need. This would make your make-up look natural on regular basis and you can build on the same thing if you need more coverage for formal events.
It is also important to learn about your skin texture and buy foundation accordingly. I suggest doing a lot of research to find out options available for your skin type. For my oily skin, I really like the finish of Dior Airflash spray foundation. It’s dewy but not too much and actually gives airbrushed look.


Foundation brush
This is more of a personal preference. Many people love to use fingers to blend their foundation, while other use sponges. I personally feel that a soft, thick foundation brush helps in more even coverage without any lines or marks. You can also stipple it over areas where you need more coverage. And these are easy to work with different textures too. I had bought Shiseido foundation brush last year and have never felt the need to buy anything else.


I have quite terrifying dark circles under my eyes. So while I am trying to improve them with under eye creams and serums, make-up provides a quick fix. For bluish-blackish dark circles, orange-tinted concealers work best. It is important to blend it well and then set the same with powder so that it stays put. I find that MAC Select moisture cover does the job well. It is slightly tinted so under eyes doesn’t look ashy.


Compact powder
Choose a compact powder that matifies face and also helps foundation to stay longer. I have MAC Studio Finish compact. This compact also doubles up as powder foundation and gives me sheer coverage for a quick make-up. It’s great for touch-ups too.


Bronzing powder
Thanks to Kim Kardashian, this has become a necessity in modern day life. If you have been living in Antarctica all this while, bronzers help to sculpt your face and hence make it look thinner. It is however, necessary to highlight as well to balance it out. Usually, bronzers are two to three shades darker from your skin tone while highlighters are a single shade lighter.


Kohl or eye liner and mascara
Kohl is one thing that is found in each Indian girl’s bag. If I don’t wear Kajal, I not look ill but also start feeling like it. Kohl can also double up as eyeliner, but I like liquid or gel liners better. These days, I am quite in love with L’OREAL superliner eyeliner and false lash wings mascara. The eye liner has a sturdy thin tip which enables me to put a very thin winged line. Mascara adds the required drama to my lashes and makes eyes look flutter worthy!


Nude eye shadow palette
For eye shadows, it is wise to invest in nude palette. Nudes look great with all looks, day time or night time and goes with all complexions. For Indian skin tones I find that nudes look great only if you use concealers first, otherwise, eyes may look bruised or tired. Naked Urban Decay palettes (No. 1) does the job well as it has selection of pink and beige nudes as well highlighters and gold and bronze color that looks great in party looks. Maybelline and L’OREAL also have some options that are budget friendly.


Pink Blush
One cannot have enough of blushes with range of colors that are out there in market. But, for beginners such as me, I find pink blush is a must have. It instantly makes you look healthier and is a true pick me up! If you ever feel that your skin is looking dull and you are in a hurry, just put some blush and you will look instantly brighter. For me, the shade is Chambor Candy rose is one such color.


Coral lipstick
Corals are my favorite when it comes to lipsticks. My favorite is Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet (no. 43). The color is just perfect, not too bright nor too light. It lights up my face the instant I put it. It looks pink with pink clothes and reddish when I pair with reds! It also leaves a nice tint. I am wearing this shade in almost all my posts. If you like coral lipsticks, you should definitely give this a try.


Hope you find the list useful. Don’t forget to tell me your makeup essentials in the comments below!

Thanks a lot for reading!