Top 5 mascara hacks | easy makeup tips and tricks

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Top 5 mascara hacks | easy makeup tips and tricks

Hello everyone,

They say a girl is all about mascara! But my struggle with this makeup product has been long. I have sensitive eyes and I flutter them a lot while applying making it get ruined, spattered elsewhere and clumpy. I am all for easy makeup tricks that can help me use the product right way (it is hard!) and reduce time for applying makeup. Also, many products have multiple uses and its good (and fun) to know how we can use them in different ways. So sharing with you guys top 5 mascara hacks that I have learned.

Trick no. 1: How to avoid clumping
I like to use mascara to make my eyelashes look longer and curled but hate when it forms clumps and make them look shabby. To avoid that, use a tissue paper and first wipe it slightly, mostly tip, before applying it to eye lashes. This would help remove excess product and would make the application smoother.

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Trick no. 2: Swirl your wand and not pump
Most of us have a habit of pumping our wand in tube to load our mascara brush. However, this lets air get inside the tube and also allows bacteria to enter. It will also dry up the mascara faster. So just take out the wand only once while swirling to get apt amount.

Trick no. 3: Use small eye liner brush for lower lashes
It’s difficult to apply mascara on lower lashes with wand. Take some product from wand to an eye liner brush and then brush it lightly over lower lashes. This will make them look natural and fuller.

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Trick no. 4: Use your mascara as an eye liner or to line upper waterline
When you run out of your favorite liner, do not fret. Just rub your liner brush over mascara wand and apply eye liner as usual. You will get the same results πŸ™‚ You can also use it line upper waterline. Just put some mascara over your eye lash curler and then curl your lashes like you always do and you will get upper line as a bonus πŸ˜€

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Trick no. 5: Do not throw old wands
Wash the wand of your mascara that you have completely used up and now use it to apply olive/castor oil to your lashes! Olive oil helps in growth and it doesn’t hurt to show them some love πŸ™‚

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Do you like using mascaras? Do let us know what are your favorite tricks or hacks to make it work!

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    Thank you Sangeeta πŸ™‚ It has resolved my issue with too much product on lashes.

  • Great tips! Thanks for sharing!

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    Very nice tips dear. Some were new to me. Thanks πŸ™‚

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  • I have difficulty applying on lower lashes. This is a great tips to use eyeliner brush.

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  • Loved the post. The idea of using eyeliner brush for lower lashes is amazing. Would surely try as I suck at applying at lower lashes πŸ™

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      Thanks a lot Megha πŸ™‚ Do let me know if it works for you!