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Oily skin makeup hacks!!

Oily skin makeup hacks!!

Hola everyone!! I have combination skin, some days it would be dry as Sahara desert and some days it would be so oily that I could fry pakoras with it. Everyone’s skin changes with weather and also depending upon what we apply on top. It can be a nerve wrecking task of figuring out how to get rid of this oil. I’ve wasted a lot of money on buying products that have left me looking like a grease ball. Even the products claiming to be matte do no good.

So after struggling with my oily slick skin, I have accumulated some life changing hacks to keep that oil at bay and keep my makeup looking fresh and lovely all day long. Let’s just dive in…

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I cannot even tell you how much difference cleansing makes in your makeup application. If that dirt and sebum is still there on your skin, it is gonna make your pores look really big and ugly and your base would just be uneven and not so nice. I would also recommend using a face sponge with your cleanser to get rid of those dry dead skin cells. Do not use cleansers that would strip all the oil off because in turn your skin is gonna produce more oil to substitute the lost oil.

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I know it sounds way too weird and scary but it’s true. The theory is that good oil helps tackle the bad oil and helps keeping the skin hydrated. This will trick your skin to think that it is well hydrated and no bad oil needs to be produced. I’ve been using olive oil for a very long time now and would highly recommend it to you guys as well. This is not for the mornings btw…apply just a pea size amount on your face at night and wake up with rejuvenated and supple skin.



I have been guilty of not wearing a moisturizer for pretty much whole of my existence. I’ve always thought that it will make me breakout and make my skin more oily. But believe it or not, makeup is always a little drying on your skin and is you do not apply moisturizer below your makeup, chances are that you are gonna end up with dehydrated and dull skin by the time your day ends.



Primers entered the Indian market quite late but have made world of a difference. Primer helps in filling up your pores and locking them so that there is no oil on your skin. It creates a barrier between your skin and makeup. Setting spray is a bonus when it comes to keeping oil at bay. Oil needs to cross two strong barriers to be able to show up which is really difficult. A combination of these two things will undoubtedly keep your face mattified and your makeup won’t shift or slide.



This hack is especially for girls having really oily T-zone. Trust me girl, I’ve been there, I know how easily our makeup can slide off of our nose. The trick is to use and eye shadow primer on your T-zone as it’s consistency is a little thicker and it’s staying power is lot more.



Most of us love a dewy and glowy look but for oily skin, it is a big no no. Always opt for mattifying foundations and stay away from satin finishes. For glow highlighters and all can be used later on but always keep your base matte because anyway after 2-3 hours our face is anyway gonna glow and shine.


No matter what tool you use to apply your base, after applying it using clean hands gently press your foundation in your skin. It sounds weird right?! It does works because this will help in warming up your foundation a little and let it sink in seemlessly else it would just settle on top of the primer and chances of it sliding off are more.



If your face is super oily and you find the need to apply setting powder, always apply it with a dampened makeup sponge. You might not have heard it earlier but it sets better with a damp sponge as compared to a brush.




Trick to keeping your blush stay longer is to use a cream blush first followed by powder blush. Just as we use a setting powder on top of foundations, using a powder on top of cream helps last it longer. This technique can be used to blushes as well as eye shadows. First use a cream product and use the same coloured powder product on top to help it last longer.



If you can’t control the oil your skin produces, you can surely find a way to remove it. Blotting sheets are the easiest way of removing oil from your face without disturbing the makeup. Simply dab the sheet on parts you see oil, and do not slip or slide the sheet.

These were my favorite top 10 hacks for oily skin that help in improving the application as well as the longevity of the makeup. Hope these help you all out and help your skin be oil free.