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METALLIC Lipsticks | Whats the fuss and DIY

METALLIC Lipsticks | Whats the fuss and DIY

Makeup community is going gaga over the new trend these days, metallic lipsticks! They are a true statement making product. Metallics are bold, vibrant, and create dimension to your lips. These lips will definitely spice up your evening look! Metallic lipsticks are basically highlighting for your lips.


Let your lips do the talking 😉

The brand “Jouer cosmetics” brought back Jouer long-wear lip topper in skinny dip-a shiny gold gloss that’s meant to be worn alone or add shimmer to a matte lipstick. It was launched with their Mermaid collection in late may and quickly it became very popular. These lipsticks can be used as a statement piece, just like we have our staples and statement pieces in our wardrobe. Metallic lipsticks cut down on cheekbone highlighters and gives a clean pop of colour on the lips with a flawless, fresh-faced look. Want pouty lips? Just concentrate your metallic lipsticks on the center of your lips, top and bottom. The matte lip trend has been hot for so long, but metallic-toned lips are the new way to bring out the celebrity in you. These metallic lipsticks looks good on everyone.

Makeup with metallic lipstick

When using a metallic lipsticks one should keep the rest of the makeup clean and minimal so the focus can be on the lips. You can pair it with a classic thin black liquid eyeliner or a neutral-coloured eye shadow to keep the look as natural as possible.


Availability of metallic lipsticks in India

Till now its just the international brands who has launched metallic lip colours no Indian brand has launched it yet. Some brands whose metallic lipsticks collection are popular are Kylie Metal Matte Lipsticks , the NYX wicked lippies and Milani etc. Lakme did come up with a collection similar to metallic lipsticks but it just doesn’t click and look frosty instead.

metallic 1

How is it different from frosty lipsticks?

The metallic lipsticks today are a far cry from the generic “frosty” colours of the 90’s. The new Metallic lipsticks are an extension of the beloved matte lipstick. The metallic lipsticks  are available in a wider shade range than the icy pinks and beiges of yesteryear. refreshing and modern adaptation of the matte finishes we’ve been seeing for the past few seasons. Metallic finishes are perfect for those who want the shine of a glossy or satin finish but who don’t want to sacrifice the longevity of a matte.


metallic 3

DIY your own metallic lipstick

We are not going to leave you high and dry! These metallic lipsticks are not available everywhere and not with everyone so there is an easy DIY routes to have metallic lips 😀

  • You can create number of different combinations of lipstick colour and metallic shade by layering loose shadows or glitter on top of regular lipstick. Apply a clear gloss on top of your matt lipstick and then simply use a small brush apply the metallic loose pigment over it. Voila you have now metallic lips which will turn heads at the party.
  • The other trick is create the base of your metallic lipstick. I prefer a liquid lipstick that dries matte as this means the glitter will dry into the lipstick. Next, pick a super glittery eye shadow or pigment. Apply the glitter or pigment before the liquid lip dries so it might be necessary to work one lip at a time.
  • Lastly, clean up your edges with some concealer and your good to go! Although this option may not last as long , it will still give you guys that Instagram worthy metallic pout that everyone is dying to have right now.

Before you delve into matte metallics, heed a few warnings. First: “when wearing any kind of liquid lipsticks that accentuates lip texture, a hydrating lip primer is an essential. Finding a great liner to pair with the liquid lipstick is also essential. They provide definition, and they help high opacity products stay within the lip line and alleviate concerns about feathering. Also, one can use a cream blush and matte and shimmer products combined on eyes to balance the texture perfectly.

Do you like metallic lips? Let us know in comments below!