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6 Simple home remedies for bright skin

6 Simple home remedies for bright skin

Hola guys!!

Exposure to sun, environmental pollution as well as certain skin diseases can cause dark dull skin. Our lifestyle has changed drastically over the years and that is also a major cause for unhealthy skin. Flawless skin can be achieved using medication, lotions, surgeries but they all have side effects and plus not everybody can afford them. Why waste money on chemicals when we have home remedies for fair skin easily available to us. Here are some of my favourite healthy habits that we all should inculcate in our routines for achieving a healthy, youthful radiant skin.

Also, since these are all natural products, before applying anything on the skin, always do a patch to test if it suits you or not. Let’s get started…

Drink plenty of water

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You all would have heard this boring tip so many times but it is literally the most important thing to do. Water helps maintain the elasticity of the skin. Water helps in flushing out the toxins from your body and clearing your blood. Less water intake often is the primary reason for early aging, acne, dull patchy skin. So do try and drink at least 2-3 ltr of water a day and you will notice an instant difference. For increasing your water intake, detox waters are amazing and you can find many recipes online for it.

Lemon+honey face mask


Before entering your bath, you can apply a face mask of equal parts honey and equal parts lemon juice. Lemon juice helps in naturally bleaching the skin. Honey helps in providing moisture to the skin. To increase the intensity of the mask, add gram flour to it and use it as a scrub as well. These ingredients helps in dealing with pigmentation and darkening. These are also great for removing tan and give you a brighter looking skin.

Yogurt+oats scrub


For those who wish to not use the above remedy, these is another option. Mix yogurt and oats together and use it as a scrub. You can use it daily as it is a very mild scrub. Yogurt has amazing bleaching properties and oats help in physical exfoliation. These two things on their own also work wonders for the skin.

Wear sunscreen at all times

No matter what time of the day it is, always wear a sunscreen. Whether you are going out in the sun or not, this is a must have. Sunscreen not only protects you from the sun but also from the harmful rays in the environments from damaging your skin. Sunscreens protect your skin from damage and also work against suntan. Wearing a sunscreen will ensure that the skin is not getting damaged further.

Moisturize well

Doesn’t matter what skin type you have, moisturizing is important for all. I have seen many oily skin people not using a moisturizer. Moisturizer helps in providing your skin with good oils and moisture so that your skin doesn’t produce any more oil and cause acne. Oily skin people can use gel based moisturizer if they fear getting acne. Moisturizer helps in maintaining the elasticity of the skin and gives it a radiant look.

Aloe Vera gel at night


I have been using the Aloe Vera gel at night for months. It has literally shown me results. Aloe Vera gel works as an amazing night cream and helps fight suntan, hyper-pigmentation and blemishes. Instead of using it as a face pack I prefer using it as a night cream. After washing your face at night, take a small drop of the gel and rub it between your fingers. Now pat in into your skin, simply pat do not rub it in. Once it sinks in, leave it and go to sleep. It helps in minimizing acne as well.

These are my top 5 skin habits that I religiously follow and have noticed a drastic change. Healthy diet plays a very important role in making your skin healthier. Inculcate fruits and vegetables as much as possible for a healthier complexion. I have suggested some very simple remedies because sometimes we can get too harsh on the skin while wanting to achieve brighter skin. It can in return degrade our skin even more. If you love home remedies like I do, don’t forget to checkout over 230 skin care tips and many more beauty tips at www.rewardme.in.