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10 makeup tips that will change your makeup game forever!

10 makeup tips that will change your makeup game forever!

If you are a makeup lover, this post is for you! While we spend hours perfecting our makeup, these simple makeup tips will change the look 🙂

1. Highlight the inner corners

Brighten your inner corners with highlight shade or glitter. This will make eyes look bigger and more awake. You can also use glitter liners to bring some glamour in the look subtly.

2. Contouring and highlight

Kim Kardashian has popularized this technique for good reason. It changes the appearance of features and make them look more prominent. Just apply some contour shade under your cheekbones and on nose to look more chiseled.

Contouring needs to be balanced with highlight. You can use cream or powder highlight to bring that glow. Use on bridge of nose, high points of your cheek, on cupids bow and center of forehead.

3. Using corrector

Correctors can change your makeup big time. Use green to cover redness, and salmon or orange to combat dark circles. This is especially helpful for Indian girls who have severe blue colored dark shadows under the eyes that concealer alone cannot hide.

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4. Well done eyebrows

Eyebrows frame the face and it makes a huge difference when they are shaped and filled. Fuller eyebrows makes one look younger and frame eyes better.

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Source: Dress Your Face

5. Curl your lashes

It may look trivial, but curling your lashes before applying mascara makes a huge difference to the eye look. Eye looks bigger and more awake.

6. Bright or dark lips

If you are lazy like me and don’t want to spend too much time on makeup, just apply a bright lip color. Dark lips is the hottest fall makeup trend. It instantly makes you look more put together. Don’t forget to balance it with blush though. A winged liner will also go well with this look.

Source: Burgundy gown and dark lips

7. Colored under eye lash

Using a bright color such as green or blue under lower lash line is a simple trick to make your eyes pop. Bringing a vibrant color to eyes make the look fresh. You can use colored eye pencils from any brand to achieve this easy look.

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8. Line your lips

Ever since I have discovered the difference lining the lips make, I don’t skip on this one. When you line your lips and fill it with a lip liner before applying your lipstick you can shape your lips as per your desire. It will also make the lipstick stay longer. If you are a fan of liquid or mat lipsticks, this one is a must for you.

Source: I am addicted to you

9. Use a primer and setting spray

The start and end of your makeup routine will determine how long your makeup stays. Fight your skin issues such as pores, oily skin, or uneven skin tone by using an appropriate primer.

You can also give a dewy or mat finish to your makeup by using a setting spray. It will also ensure that makeup stays put all day!

10. Bake your makeup

This is essential for the under eye area. Most of us Indian girls suffer from dark circles. Its important to use a corrector and concealer and bake it for a flawless look 🙂 You can also try sand bagging!

Source: Carly Humbert

Hope you find these tips helpful! Let me know your favourite trick that change the makeup look instantly in comments below!

Love ❤️